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Okoh, Austine Sadiq (PhD)



Okoh, Austine Sadiq (PhD) is a consultant, researcher, climate policy analyst and green political economist from Benue State University, Makurdi. His area of specialization is climate and energy policy. Dr Okoh offers vast energy policy, green economy/climate governance experience with a unique combination of strategic thinking and the ability to find eco-friendly solutions for Africa’s climate risk-related challenges. He has five books to his name with 31 academic papers ( in reputable journals. He is an avid clean energy advocate which took him to partaking in local and international conferences and workshops on the subject. In recognition of his contribution to climate governance, UNECA/ACPC added him to its roster of climate change experts in Africa (

His working experienced span over 30 years commencing from the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi where he was an administrative and project management officer. At Cooperative Extension Centre he participated and provided logistic support to researchers in extension services. He was also involved in the CEC/DFID baseline study of social impact assessment of farmers, participated in TOT in Benue communities with the view to improving their resilience to climate risk and provided sustainable adaptation solutions to farmers.

Dr Okoh is the founder of an NGO with the view to closing the knowledge gap on low carbon development. CarbonFree Africa Network (CFAN) is committed to eradication of Africa’s adverse carbon footprint. CFAN is a consortium of different organizations engaged in providing clean energy solutions for Africa. The aim is to support Africa’s low carbon transition by ensuring the continent meets its Paris commitments without sacrificing economic growth. CFAN in partnership with GES&WS are in the process of finding an agro-meteorological and cost-efficient solution to improve farm management/conservation of natural resources in the context of Paris Agreement. As consultant to Global Environmental Services and Weather solutions ( he initiated a partnership to design software to reduce agroecological challenges arising from incessant and inadequate rainfall predictions for farmers. The number of waste in Nigeria inspired a partnership with others to form JOSACH Nig. LTD based in Abuja. The scholar  is Company Secretary/Trustee of International Organization for Climate-Smart Development, the Executive Director (Africa) of World Sustainable Ecological Solutions (WSES) where he initiated and developed the ‘Sustainability of Palm Oil Extraction’ project at Iggie, Mono Division, Cameroun Commissioned by Aiyong Young Farmers Group (AYFG) and was also involved in JATONET Kenya’s bamboo for a sustainable development project.

He was appointed a technical expert of a UN intergovernmental body- International Bamboo and Rattan Organization (INBAR) based in China. At INBAR, he is part of the Task Force on Bamboo for Renewable Energy (TFB4RE) contributing to standardization of bamboo for renewable energy while also functioning as part of the Collaboration network for DNV GL Energy Transition Outlook for 2018-2021 ( ) and a peer reviewer of the Global Renewable Energy Status Report for 2019-2021 compiled by REN21. A member of Green Economics Institute, Readings, UK as well as a knowledge board member of the International Society for Energy and Sustainability Research-ISESR>knowledge…