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Engaging A Critical Mass of Change Agents For Climate Action

Engaging A Critical Mass of Change Agents For Climate Action

Engaging A Critical Mass of Change Agents For Climate Action

The Climate Change Action Project (CLIMCAP) began in October 2021. The project was titled “Engaging a Critical Mass of Change Agents for Climate Action”. Teachers from twenty secondary schools across the three Education Zones of Ebonyi State were involved in the project. They underwent series of workshops, all facilitated by climate change experts. The workshops introduced them to important themes such as how climate change affects humans, drivers of climate change, communicating climate change in the classroom, mitigation and adaptation strategies, disaster risk reduction and lots more. Climate change clubs were formed in all the schools involved with memberships in the neighbourhood of seventy to hundred students per club. Finally as one of the project aims, trees were provided and planted in all the participating schools. Participating schools were Uburu Secondary school, Uburu Science school, Ezza High School Amuzu Onueke, Community Secondary School Nwofe Agbaja, Ndiagu Abgaja Community Secondary School Akparata Ibina, Community Secondary School Umuoru Oriuzor, Government Technical College Abakaliki, Ikwo High School, Izzi High School Ishieke, Community Secondary School Nguzu Edda Afikpo, Izzo High School Ebiaji Ezza, Umuimama Community Secondary School Umuogudu Akpu Ngbo Ohaukwu, Ekumenyi Secondary School Okpuitumo Abakaliki, Community Secondary School Umuogudu-Oshia Ngbo Ohaukwu, Model Comprehensive Girl’s Secondary School Ugwuachara, Unity Secondary School Item Amagu Ikwo, Nnodo Secondary School, Holy Ghost Secondary School.

We must express our gratitude to the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) for their sponsorship of this timely project.

Special thanks to our dear Vice Chancellor, Prof Sunday Oge Elom for his immeasurable support,

Gratitude to Arc Ifeanyi Chukwu, Director AE-FUNAI Campus Green Initiative for his high level of commitment and physical support during the project period.

Profs Chucks Okereke and Johnny Ogunji are highly appreciated for their roles in the project
Dr Chinwe Ogunji
Project Lead

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