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Focal Areas/Units

Focal Areas/Units

At the Centre we are devoted to understanding the mix of policies, strategies, and institutional arrangements that can help to address climate change and natural resource degradation in Africa in the context of sustainable development and Africa’s structural economic transformation.  We provide research, advisory, training and consultancy services on a wide range of interconnected topics grouped under four operational units:

  • Climate Policy and Justice
  • The Green Growth and Sustainable Development
  • Climate Adaptation and Resilience
  • Climate Information Services

Climate Policy and Justice

  • Climate institutions and governance – national and global level
  • Climate mitigation approaches, potential and measures – effectiveness, social, cost, economics
  • Climate screening and risk analysis
  • Climate Mainstreaming
  • Emissions Trading Scheme
  • Carbon Markets and Offsets
  • AFOLU and REDD+
  • Climate diplomacy and politics – UNFCCC and other platforms
  • Climate Education
  • Climate Communication
  • Stakeholder participation and engagement
  • Climate Advocacy
  • Climate Finance
  • Climate Policy Design
  • Capacity Building
  • Climate Law and Legislation
  • Climate justice – local, national and global
  • Corporate Climate and Carbon Management
  • NDC and National Communications

The Green Growth and Sustainable Development

  • Modelling and Scenarios
  • Emissions and Development pathways
  • Circular Economy
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Green Foreign Direct Investment
  • Green Innovation
  • Economics of Mitigation and Development pathways
  • Green Technology
  • Alternative Fuels - Methanol and Bio-fuels
  • Green Finance
  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Social and Environmental Standards and Safeguard
  • Natural Capital/Green Accounting
  • Green Budgeting
  • Green Public Financial Management
  • Energy Access
  • Sustainable Development Pathways
  • Environmental Management – including Audits and EIA
  • SDGs

Climate Adaptation and Resilience

  • Impact and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Impacts, Risks Synergies and Trade-Offs
  • Urban Systems and Other Settlements
  • Water- Food-Energy Nexus
  • Climate Security
  • Vulnerability and Livelihood
  • Limits to Adaptation
  • Climate Risk Management
  • Loss and Damage
  • Climate Resilient Development Pathways
  • Climate Justice, Equity and Fairness
  • Climate Health and Well-being
  • Poverty, Livelihoods and Sustainable Development
  • Adaptative capacity
  • Private Sector Adaptation
  • Climate Insurance

Climate Information Services

  • Meteorological Observations
  • Process Parametrization
  • Climate and Weather Monitoring
  • Global Emission Scenarios
  • Climate Model Outputs
  • Weather Forecasting Services

Our approach combines the knowledge experience of the African context with a deep understanding of scientific information, data and frameworks. Our team brings a unique perspective that emphasises connection across scales of governance – from local through national to international dimensions.  We have extensive high-impact engagement with local, state and national governments, businesses, development partners and civil society groups and have led on several high-profile projects on climate change policy, climate adaptation and green economy transition in Africa.