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Mr. Timothy Ogenyi

Research Fellow


Timothy Ogenyi Emenike is an Environmental Consultant who is passionate about Climate Policy, Advocacy and Education, especially as regards Green Skills acquisition. He is a Sustainability Expert and an SDG Advocate, with a special interest in Climate Action awareness and activism. His project initiatives center on inspiring, educating and empowering the next generation of climate leaders.

His enthusiasm for Climate resilience makes him research into and advocate for indigenous solutions, and local knowledge to enhance locally-led adaptation measures that promote the adoption of sustainable practices that sustain agricultural livelihood.

He has a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Environmental Management (2009), with a background in Soil Science, Agriculture and Natural Resources. He is passionate about communicating, educating, and facilitating climate policies, climate actions and climate-smart initiatives; and flexible and competent in pioneering and managing projects, with leadership and interpersonal skills.

His areas of expertise include online research and desktop documentation, survey/data analysis, webinar/training facilitation and public speaking, community engagement, climate action advocacy, writing, climate policy analysis, climate education and communication.

He is currently working as the Senior Policy Analyst (Climate Change) at the Society for Planet and Prosperity, where, amongst other lofty projects, he co-led a pioneer project on Mapping Climate Impacts, Policies, and Actions at the Subnational Levels in Nigeria, an innovative project work which aimed to measure the extent of climate awareness in the Nigerian 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory Abuja (FCT), map the dimensions of climate impact and extent of climate policies in place and the states and highlight the gaps in climate action and programs at sub-national levels. He was instrumental and co-authored the report on the first ever and most comprehensive mapping of climate action at the subnational level in Nigeria.

His ardent work on this pioneer project includes deploying his project management and administrative skills to actively organize a high-level event to discuss the findings of the project and opportunities for study to promote climate policy, action, and investment at the state level, providing the platform to facilitate coordination, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and learning among various stakeholders at the subnational level, providing opportunity for key stakeholders and policymakers to develop new partnerships to address the gaps for a renewed frontier for climate action in the 36 States of Nigeria. The outcome of the event was an increase in the enactment, establishment, and domestication of climate policies and a high attraction of climate finance and green investments at the state level.

He is also a Research Fellow at the Center for Climate Change and Development, Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Ndufu-Alike (AE-FUNAI), Nigeria. Amongst his research works are his paper presentations at the Maiden International Conference on Environmental Management and the Laudato Si’, of Caritas Nigeria and the 7th Annual Conference of the Association for Environmental Impact Assessment of Nigeria (AEIAN), on Climate-Smart Principles and Practices and Climate Change Resilience and Livelihood Sustenance of communities in Enugu State, respectively.

He has been awarded a Certificate of Ambassadorship as a Climate Change Ambassador for his efforts, enthusiasm and empathy to support Sustainability & United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, by the SPSC Ambassador Initiative – UK. He has also graduated, as a Launchpad Alumni, from the College to Climate Program. As part of his career development, he has also been awarded a scholarship to study at the School of Climate Change, by the Oxford Climate Society, based at the University of Oxford, USA.

These are in addition to over 160 Certifications he has achieved and completed on related Climate Change, Environment, Social Development, Risk Assessment, ESG, Sustainability Management and Leadership Courses; including receiving related pieces of training on Circular Economy and Green Digital Skills. These capacity buildings have equipped him with the required expertise knowledge and a testament to his continuous pursuit for career and self-development.

His major career interest covers include climate justice, restoring nature and biodiversity, mental wellness, plastic pollution, circular economy and waste management, food security, clean energy, climate policy and legislation, environmental resource management, natural disaster response, risk assessment and Stakeholder engagement, especially at subnational and local levels.

He co-led the organization and coordination of the first International EIA Summit in Nigeria; in collaboration with the House of Representatives of the legislative arm National. Over a decade in environmental consultancy,  he has provided services and written over 200 ESIA/EIA/ESMP/EAu and related reports covering a broad sector ranging from power, oil and gas, road construction, facility construction, manufacturing, mining, agriculture, water and health sectors, where he has proven to be a self-driven individual with the technical aptitude to pioneer initiatives, lead work teams and provide good analytical ability to diagnose critical environmental issues and challenges from multi-sectoral points of view, put them in proper perspective, and come up with workable suggestions and solutions.

Beyond the development of the Subnational Climate Scorecard Mapping Project to map the impact of climate change in the 36 states and assess the nature of climate policies and actions in place in the states of Nigeria, he has been instrumental in providing technical support to the National Technical Working Group in the roadmap production for the Low-Emission Development of Nigeria’s Long-Term Vision and Strategy for the Nigeria’s Climate Action.

His works have been recognized and applauded both locally and internationally. He has a craft in conceptualizing and formulating thematic climate-related development programs, as well as undertaking research and analysis on the issues of development and the environment in general. His writings include crafting persuasive and engaging written material (policy papers, proposals, expression of interests, concept notes, lecture notes, talking points, briefs, speeches etc.) for organizations, senior executives and government officials, promoting the adoption of climate and net zero practices and policies.

As a Training Manager, he has developed training courses, course outlines, and content creation for e-learning and webinars; including sending/circulating over 5,000 invitations to participants, reaching out to required stakeholders and facilitators, reviewing e-learning training course materials, resulting in successful events and the stabilization of strategic initiatives and programs that elevate the visibility of the organizations I have worked for.

His NGO works in volunteerism include rural community service, engagement with local communities to assess socioeconomic impacts, and needs and enhance locally-led adaptation solutions to environmental, social, and climate change impacts, providing aid to flood victims, public enlightenment and orientation, waste clean-up participation, plastic waste collection and teaching and awareness projects in secondary schools.

His career affiliations and membership with corporate institutions and international bodies include the Nigeria Environmental Society (NES), the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG), Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM) Chartered, the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF), the Association for Environmental Impact Assessment of Nigeria (AEIAN), Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), African Youth Climate Hub, Africa Climate Careers Network, Circular Economy Club, YOUNGO Adaptation Working Group, UNDRR Stakeholder Engagement Mechanism, UNCCD Youth Caucus, Climate Mobility Africa Research Network (CMARN), Nigeria Youth SDGs Network, and SDG 7 Youth Constituency.