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Israel Oghenefejiro Orere

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My name is Israel Oghenefejiro Orere. I hail from Delta state, Nigeria. I am a 4th year chemical engineering student at the university of Lagos. I have always been the curious type, seeking to discover as much as I can about the world around me. Picking a career in science, technology and engineering has enabled me harness my adventure-seeking potential to the best of my ability. In today’s rapidly changing world, staying relevant in one’s career means staying abreast of advancements in one’s field of interest and happenings around the world. In this way, the question asking and knowledge-seeking type is in pole position to avail himself of the opportunities that he comes across.

In 2020, I began my career in Data science. There was this buzz around the discipline around the time and my friends were already building projects and earning something for themselves. So, I joined the boat. For a field like Data science, one really has to be as dynamic as data itself often is. The challenging and rather subjective approach to the way Data science projects are built and deployed makes the field an interesting one to me. When I am not in school, church, reading an article or a prose, I am most likely before a computer screen, striking away at the keyboard, hoping to extract insights from an obscure dataset. Data science also branches off into an endless number of sub-fields from computer vision, to natural language processing (if you know or have used the famous ChatGPT, then you have used natural language processing technology), to reinforcement learning (computers learning from their environments to improve their performance on some task). So, yeah, Data science is quite the career. I also have some interests in biotechnology, cloud computing and writing.

My interest in sustainable energy began around 2020. With climate change complicating delicate weather systems and threatening many sectors of the world’s economy, I wished to learn more about the problem. Apparently, renewables have received a major boost in research and their adoption as the world cracks down on fossil fuels. Renewable energy technology seems to be a viable option in the bid to cut down significantly on emissions. There are opportunities for everyone especially young people to pursue careers in sustainable energy development. It is my goal to make these opportunities more obvious to as many young people as I or any opportunity to do so can afford.

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