Dr. Nnaemeka Vincent Emodi

Senior Research Fellow

Nnaemeka Vincent Emodi is a Future Energy Research Fellow in the Department of Economics and Finance at the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics, University of Tasmania (UTAS), Hobart, Australia. He is a research staff attached the Future Energy Research Group and working on renewable hydrogen integration and acceptance in Tasmania. Before joining the UTAS, he was a Graduate Policy Officer at the Australian Academy of Science (AAS) where he coordinated and contributed to the energy section of the report, “The Risk to Australia of a 3oC World. The AAS report which is now in press was his internship project, which was expanded to become an Academy report, taking some section of his PhD thesis that focused on the impact of climate change on the energy sector. He has also been engaged in other academic activities such as a Research Assistant and Graduate Research Assistant while studying for his PhD at James Cook University, Australia, and MSc at Seoul National University, South Korea. His PhD research examined the technical, economic and environmental implication of climate change impact on the energy system. He has a multidisciplinary background in science, engineering and economics which contributes to his understanding of the energy systems.

Nnaemeka’s research interests are energy system modelling, energy economics and climate policy. He has published over 17 journal articles in prestigious international energy journals. He also published a book on energy technology policy in Springer and have 3 book chapters in Elsevier and Springer. He has presented many research findings in over 11 international seminars/conferences and have 2 publications in the Conversation. He has received multiple awards, prizes and recommendations in South Korea, a publication grant, an MDPI Energies Journal travel grant, special funding for conference attendance in the USA, and 2 academic scholarships. He is experienced reviewer for 13 prestigious international journals such as Energies, Sustainability and Applied Sciences among others and is a professional member of the International Association for Energy Economics. He is engaged in several international research collaboration on energy and climate policies with significant number of articles in the works and others under peer-review.